About Us

KPI Analytics was founded in 2008 by long-time B2B sales and marketing practitioners and serves as the go-to-market project partner for many global brands and bright upstarts in B2B. KPI is headquartered in Austin, Texas and operates internationally through affiliates.

KPI comes from a mindset of “intention and intensity” with regard to execution and operates as the part of our client team that is able to mobilize, execute and pivot where necessary in order to get to market and accomplish the goals.

Although KPI’s platform and team are capable of managing various complex projects, we pick the projects and clients that align best with our capabilities and capacity at any given time.


Leadership Team


CJ Hauptmeier
CEO & Partner
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Dustin Uremovich
VP Sales & Co-Founder
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Jason Sanchez
Director of Client Operations
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Bryan Reese
VP Strategic Account Services
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Joe Bisignano
VP Business Development & Co-Founder
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Gabe Carrizales
Director of Inside Sales Production
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Andy Van Dyke
Data Services Director
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Mandonna Kloac
VP of Human Resource Administration
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