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Marketing Can Uncover a Gold Mine of Prospects with Intent Data

Posted On April 18, 2016

Prospects interested in our solution are like gold.  But many times they do not even exist within our prospect database. This is especially true as future customers stay hidden longer.  Using the Internet as a platform for research, they do their own research to uncover options and methods for addressing business needs. Finding these hot prospects to communicate with them can be done through acquiring and analyzing intent data.  Intent data is transactional data that is generated through online activity: searches, page...

Your Data Will Optimize Your Customer’s Experience

Posted On June 30, 2015

CMOs must optimize the customer experience.  Customers are demanding improved communication, more control and freedom to explore, and a consistent brand experience across platforms and channels. Businesses must rise to the occasion.  If they don’t, the competition will. Harnessing the features and functions made possible by technology, organizations are getting creative in how they better interact with their customers.  Marketing, sales, and customer service are just a few of the functions that swept up in this wave of change. Clean, standardized data is...