KPI does for Marketing Execution what Cloud did for Software

KPI is based in Austin, TX and founded in 2008. We work with a myriad of B2B clients across multiple industries who are targeting diverse markets from from SMB to Enterprise in all industries. We help sales and marketing leaders execute the hard stuff to hit their numbers – increasing pipeline, filling seats at events, renewing contracts, understanding the market and competitive threats as well as enriching target data to enhance their internal marketing operation.

KPI’s delivery platform is a unique system integrating world class skilled professionals in operations and data science, digital marketing and state of the art, AI enhanced outbound to reach your targets.

Because not every prospect is going to find  you…

Uncovering a Gold Mine Using Intent Data

Prospects interested in our solution are like gold.  But many times they do not even exist within our prospect database. This is especially true as future customers stay hidden longer.  Using the Internet as a platform for research, they do … Continue reading

6 Keys to Exceeding Your Event Attendance Goals Every Time

Planning a marketing event can be stressful.  Organizing the subject matter, speakers, and target audience is one thing, but getting the right leads to attend is another.  Not only do you need to fill the seats, but your sales organization … Continue reading

Your Data Will Optimize Your Customer’s Experience

CMOs must optimize the customer experience.  Customers are demanding improved communication, more control and freedom to explore, and a consistent brand experience across platforms and channels. Businesses must rise to the occasion.  If they don’t, the competition will. Harnessing the features … Continue reading

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