Our Members are your Ready-Made Market

Hit the Ground Running with The KPI Network™ Members

The KPI Network™ (TKN) are millions of active decision makers across all market segments who have indicated their topics of interest, consumed content, opted in and buy from our clients (Levels 3-5) - one degree of separation from becoming your next opportunity. There are millions of Level 2 decision makers in play as well consistently being reprioritized for client campaigns and The KPI Network Market Research (survey example). KPI BUILDs audiences beyond standard firmographic and persona with additional attributes such as hiring, expansion/contraction, technographic, org intent, person-level engagement signals and virtually any other attribute you can think of that will help to hone into a timely, serviceable addressable market. (KPI's BUILD Process).

The image above is not an upside down funnel. Nor is it intended to conflict with your lead definitions and names (MQL, SQL, SAL, etc...). We use this simply as a framework with our clients as we determine a plan of action against a data first GTM strategy.

"It's not who you know (list pulls and research) -  It's who knows you (The KPI Network)!"