OmniOp Platform

OmniOp Platform

OmniOp is a end-to-end cloud-based lead generation and management platform that integrates KPI’s data network, digital marketing technology and services to accelerate the generation of net new leads and revenue. The OmniOp Platform integrates Data Management, Digital Marketing, Outbound and Inbound Execution and Lead Management to help organizations of any size maximize their marketing budget, accelerate pipeline and grow revenue faster.

OmniOp is comprised of technology and services that simplify management and accelerate lead conversion in 4 key areas:

  • Data Management: Leverage the KPI Network and OmniOp services for data augmentation, validation and cleansing to build top of the funnel opportunities and maximize the effectiveness of subsequent campaigns
  • Digital Marketing: Deliver ABM programs, generate outbound email, social media campaigns and optimize web traffic with SEO and paid advertising. With seamless integration with leading marketing tools like Marketo, Pardot and SFDC, OmniOp simplifies lead management and accelerates pipeline growth
  • Marketing Automation: Accelerate the marketing funnel with full automation from lead generation to lead nurture to lead scoring. OmniOp is a seamless connection for lead flow integration that streamlines the development of landing pages and microsites, while automating outreach for email campaigns, social medica, text messaging and voicemail drops.
  • Customer Relationship Management: A CRM Platform that integrates with leading sales platforms including SFDC, OmniOp provides automation and manages outbound calling campaigns for ISRs and BDMs for lead follow up and appointment setting

OmniOp is architected to be either a standalone platform or integrate with 3rd party applications and databases like SFDC, Marketo, Pardot to scale from small and medium businesses to the enterprise. The platform is optimized to generate leads faster, accelerate pipeline and qualify sales opportunities in a cloud-based subscription model.

  • The Client:
    Large Cloud Data Protection Company

    The Situation:

    • Client had recently divested from parent organization
    • Marketing resources were dramatically reduced
    • Client needed to mobilize quickly in getting to market (Focus: organizations with 1000-5000 employees)

    The Solution:

    • KPI leveraged internal and external resources to compile a list of ~700k decision makers within ~13k unique organizations
    • KPI designed and executed a multi-touch cadence (client-branded) using new and existing client content, leveraging KPI’s marketing automation, response management and outbound calling platforms and services
    • KPI conducted KPI Benchmarks Surveys (third party brand) to solicit feedback on Current State, Perceptions and Challenges within targeted segment

    The Outcome:

    • 716 Actionable Leads for Sales Follow-up
    • 186 Nurture Leads resulting from outbound calling Dialogues with Prospects
    • 145,000 branded impressions (email opens, clicks and voicemails)
    • 400,000+ Validated Prospect Records for use in ongoing marketing efforts
    • KPI’s Market Intelligence and Analysis spurred success via mid-campaign changes:
      • Targeted outbound calling pivoted from top IT execs to mid-level/director based on better dialogue rates
      • Adjusted messaging to better resonate with these prospects
      • Consolidated email sequence after A/B testing determined one version repeatedly converted at 4x-5x of the other
      • Re-prioritized prospect universe to focus on companies with lower employee counts based on client’s deal velocity/close rates
    • Client funded an extended project from revenue generated within the first six month; in the renewal KPI continued focus on organizations with 1000-5000 employees and also assembled more than 500k additional prospects at ~85k unique organization with the client’s new priority universe of organizations with 100-999 employees