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OmniOp™ Enables Multi-Channel Cold Outreach

OmniOp™ is our end-to-end go-to-market execution platform that enables efficient, omni channel campaign builds, launches and management. OmniOp™ integrates CMS, Marketing Automation, DSP, Outbound Sequencing, Lead Management, Project Management, Funnel Flows and everything needed get your message to market, engage prospects and convert them. OmniOp™ APIs support data flows and extensibility with all leading martech platforms.

OmniOp™ accelerates and improves go-to-market execution:

  • Audience Build: Leverage The KPI Network and extended marketplace for data augmentation, validation and cleansing to build top of the funnel leads, drive awareness and build the foundation for direct response campaigns such as events, appointments and content.
  • Audience Awareness: KPI builds and repurposes informational assets and offer pages to engage and track prospects and move them to direct response CTAs. Always-On ad network places your message and offer in front of your potential buyers with laser 1:1 precision.
  • Audience Convert: Multi-channel direct outreach is made to all leads meeting certain criteria to qualify them for your ongoing marketing journeys and SDR outbound actions.
  • Lead Management: Leads are developed to the point of qualification for our clients and then formatted for API or CSV push to client systems such as Salesforce and Hubspot.

OmniOp™ is architected as a centralized execution platform with integration points across hundreds of data, ad and technology platforms including Zoominfo, SalesIntel, 6sense, Bombora, Facebook, Linkedin, AdRoll, Salesforce, Hubspot and hundreds more.