KPI Events

Driving Qualified Attendees to In-Person and Online Events

Proven success/Track record
>Hundreds of Webinars and In-Person Events Supported…
>95% of Campaigns Exceed Attendance Goals
>Extremely High Conversion Rates
>Face 2 Face Decision Maker Interaction


Custom events are one of the best ways to generate and nurture high quality leads. Designing and running successful events is a time consuming effort that requires experience and attention to a myriad of details. For your next event, use KPI. With over 100 successful events in the last year, your project is sure to be a success.

From strategy to promotion execution and site set up to and registration management we are here to make it work for you. Using our understanding of market development, prospect behavior and needs, we can select and manage the most relevant speakers as well as the best venue for your event. Our list of services includes:

  • Event Strategy
  • Promotion Design, Set Up, and Execution
  • Moderator Selection and Management
  • Location/Venue selection and management
  • Attendee Recruitment
  • On-Site Set Up/Management
  • Registration Management
  • Event Surveys and Follow Up
  • Post Event Nurturing

Whether you need a turnkey solution, or few select distinct services, KPI will help you create interest, drive pipeline, and close deals.

  • Technology Platform

    Systems:Web based registration platforms, e-vites, confirmations, reporting – Design/Development/Copy

    Comprehensive (Integrated) marketing and sales automation platforms – The tele-marketing team monitors behaviors and interests:better interactions, better qualified prospects

    Campaigns launched using our domains, not yours

    Opt Out Management:Automated and manual Opt Out management – (Responsible Marketing)

    *Note – >2% of Opt Out requests come from a emailed request vs. using the Opt Out link
    ~Many of these requests come from an email that is not in the database

  • Messaging Cadence

    Multi-Touch Email and Tele-Outreach Cadence Schedule

    Persona and intent based approach – develop and deliver timely and relevant content to catch the interest of your target audience

    Drive Highly Relevant Offers
    Creative Incentives and Reimbursements

    *Note – Most campaigns require at least 6-7 “touches” from registration to confirmation

  • Program Monitoring & Analysis

    Daily Monitoring :

    Monitor prospect responsiveness (email, phone) Alternative tactics are prepared during program planning

    Monitoring of registration trends and rates

    Monitor companies, titles, number of registrants per company

    Monitoring of registrant dispositions (very likely, likely, unlikely to attend)

  • Event Follow Up – Lead Capture

    Timely event follow up:Event surveys, questionnaires, sales opportunity – lead capture and distribution

    Email and phone follow up, sales professionals who can intelligently discuss the event content and attendee points of interest

    *Comprehensive Closed Loop Solution

  • Marketing Data

    Build Campaigns w KPI Datafresh Contacts

    The KPI DataFresh Database contains over 30 million B2B contacts

    Build Campaigns with Verified Contacts

    Append Accounts with Valid Safe to Send Emails

    Block Spam Traps and Troublesome Domains

    Append Records with Intent Intelligence

    Develop Persona Based Data Segments

    KPI updates 10’s of thousands of records each month

  • Professional Tele-Support

    Highly experienced event-support specialists capable of discussing subject matter, gauging interest, and uncovering opportunities

    US based specialists trained on detecting key buying interests vs. tire kickers and “free lunchers”

    *Note –KPI Specialists Do Not Read From Scripts; Event Support Experts

  • Registrant Confirmation

    Multi-Step Confirmation/Nurturing Process Ensures Maximum Event Attendance – Extremely important part of Campaign Prioritization of key registrants

    Elimination of Inappropriate Registrants

    *Note – Min 3 Touch e-mail and tele-confirmation; highlight points of interest, venue, commitment
    Something as simple as sending a calendar invite/placeholder to your registrant impacts your attendee rate

Client Case Study:

A leading provider of data, next-generation analytical tools, and expert advisory services for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Situation:

  • The Client marketing organization was looking to offset the cyclical nature of their sales lead development activities by increasing the number of in person marketing events
  • Although events have been somewhat effective in generating sales opportunities in the past, the Client needed to double the number of annual events and increase the number of qualified attendees by at least 4X to meet sales objectives
  • Client quickly realized the complexity of effective program development and deployment but needed to rapidly launch their event series in order to meet increasing sales demands

The Solution:

  • KPI developed a support program based on the KPI proprietary 8 Stage Event Evaluation and Deployment Methodology
    • Event Analysis
    • Technology Platform Assessment
    • Data Evaluation and Preparedness
    • Messaging/Cadence Analysis and Preparation
    • Web and Tele Marketing Strategy
    • Program Monitoring
    • Confirmation Processes
    • Lead Capture and Follow Through
  • Upon completion of program discovery, KPI was able to develop and deploy a highly comprehensive program within 30 days

The Outcome:

  • Over 100 qualified attendees at each in person marketing event: ~40% of attendees immediately entered the Client sales pipeline
  • Each event generated an additional 200 nurture leads
  • Client was able to recognize a healthy ROI at the completion of each event series
  • KPI identified and validated thousands of additional potential decision makers and influencers throughout the target markets
  • KPI generated over 100,000 branded impressions (email opens, clicks, and voicemails)
  • KPI was able to extend brand awareness while identifying and validating additional key decision makers and influencers within the Client’s existing customer base
  • KPI was able to capture key post event feedback that helped improve future event experiences
  • The success of the Client’s marketing event series helped suppress competitor marketing activities